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Jamaica, revisited

Jamaica has stolen my breath and given me life again all in just one week.

Nine months. Nine long, painful, arduous, life altering months I stayed in the same place while I died inside just a bit more day by day while every fiber of my very being screamed for me to leave. Go somewhere. Anywhere, it said. Anywhere but here. Just go so you can breathe again. Live. And so I did, and here I am. Nine months is the longest I have ever gone between escapes. Never again.

Jamaica is even more beautiful than I remember. The hot, humid air sits wondrously heavy and thick against my skin as I write. Warm caribbean breeze washing over, perfectly timed like a loving caress as I sit in silence and solitude writing to a backdrop of the sun setting beneath the Caribbean Sea. Every blue and green imaginable touch upon each other in perfect harmony from the second the descent over the island began.


When I travel I feel like it is as close to true happiness I will ever be allowed, even if it is only under false pretenses (so to speak). Temporary in its moments. I am still finding it very difficult to want to leave in the morning. There are very few things that I am looking forward to coming home to as the past week I have lived. Well and truly lived and I don't want to end this feeling of pure elation and happiness.

I rode ATV's through the ruins of a sugarcane plantation. Dust and rock of hundreds of years all within my reach to touch and explore. Ziplined through the rainforest canopy in the pouring rain and had my breath and words stolen as my heart tried to free itself from my chest like a caged bird; first, from anxiety, then from sheer elation. Tubed down the Martha Brae and partied on a Caribbean Beach in a white dress with one too many Rum punches and a bonfire.


Snorkeled with eel and puffer fish and burnt to a crisp on pristine white sand beaches on the shores of the Caribbean where every color of blue and teal dances to the depths of the sea.


Perused the streets of Falmouth, rich with history; and was humbled by the sacred burial grounds of tombs of those lost long ago. Reverently walking among the dead. Silent and forgiving as feet marched above their final resting place. Conch shells adorning burial sites as only the Caribbean natives do to pay homage to loved ones lost.

90_IMG_5083.jpg 90_IMG_5082.jpg

Swam in phosphorous infused waters, glowing brightly under a blanket of stars until my arms were so sore I floated, staring at the landscape of space above me. Stars burning bright a million light years away; many no longer there at all. A soul for every star, as Plato wrote. Thankful I have been able to experience such a wondrous thing for a second time in my 33 years on this earth. Arms so tires I could barely pull myself back up onto the boat once I finally tore myself away. I will never get enough of the natural wonders this world has to explore and experience. I want to see, immerse and indulge in them all.

Took a trip three hours deep into the mountains and explored the Black River, complete with crocodiles, and soared above the Black Falls. No harness, no security. Mountain air fresh in my lungs as I inhaled deeply to still a frantic heart. Feet firmly planted on rocks, body poised waiting. Ready. Eyes closed for just one short sweet moment as I exhaled and jumped. Free falling first 8 feet then again 15 feet down the falls and into crisp cool water.

IMG_5096.jpg IMG_5095.jpg IMG_5094.jpg
90_IMG_5093.jpg 90_IMG_5092.jpg 90_IMG_5091.jpg

Toured the Appleton Rum plantation to see where the lovely spirit of this island comes from and indulged in a tasting, albeit a bit too much of some of the most delicious rum. The hell ride to and from the estate through the mountains and countryside simply amazing, if not terrifying at times, to be on the edge of a mountain with no guardrail or safety net between the road and cliffs, parishes and forests.

90_IMG_5099.jpg 90_IMG_5100.jpg

Rode through the rainforest on a horse named Storm Tracker and up a rather small mountain and down into the ocean. I must say, the views were breathtaking. I've ridden in the ocean before, but this time I had the chance to cleanse a rather distasteful memory and replace it with something fresh.


And so, as day turns to night and the sun has now sunk to the murky depths of the sea, it is with a heavy heart that I reflect on a week of grand adventures that is over all too soon. I'm forced back to reality in the morning. Flights back to the states in less than 12 hours.

IMG_5102.jpg [ IMG_5101.jpg 90_IMG_5103.jpg

I am already itching for more and working on wondrous plans for travels through the fall; for without adventure and exploration I would be a burnt out shell of a human being. Check back soon for more pictures to come. Until then, lovelies.

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....oh but we're itching to fly!

71 °F

Two more days.

Two more days and we have a 6:20 pm flight out of Hartford and into Ft. Myers, Florida where we get to spend 10 glorious days with my sister and her husband. Away from work, responsibility, Massachusetts, and with a jam packed itinerary of Floridian fun along with the heat and humidity that go with it! I absolutely cannot wait. I will miss my family and my furries, though.

I'm sitting here on my sofa writing a blog entry and I should be packing. 10 minutes ago, I was walking around my living room with my brandy new teal flippers and swim goggles on. They just came in the mail today and I was very excited! Yes, nagging brain, I should be packing. However, I'd rather blog about my new snorkel set!


I've been waiting for a week and a half for these, though! They are very pretty! The fins are short...I feel like they're very frog like. Although, I guess that is the point. They're worth mentioning since they will be christened on a jump over to Key Largo to go visit my brother in the U.S. Coast Guard and take a snorkeling trip to the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park to see Christ of the Abyss. I will be borrowing an underwater camera for this trip; more to come!

Procrastination always gets the best of me, especially with packing. I promised myself that I would not procrastinate and I would be packed at least three days before we left this time. Not like NC in May when I was packing until 2 am the night before we left. I even bought new luggage! You'd think that would help. Nope! I am officially the queen of procrastination. I'm actually laughing at myself while I write this because I still need to do laundry in order to be able to pack everything I want to bring. Then I will probably unpack once because I have too many things wedged into my suitcase and realize it's just ridiculous; weed out about 1/3 of it, and repack everything. I'm 32. There's still hope that I'll give up my procrastinating ways, right?

Until next time, here's a picture from this 4th of July. My babe and I spent it, as tradition, at the Millbury fireworks (a day late this year thanks to Hurricane Arthur).


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Hi, my name's Jenni, and I'm an addict...

sunny 80 °F

I hear the first step of recovery is admitting you have a problem, only I don't want to recover. I want to see a sunset or a sunrise over every ocean. Climb Mayan ruins and snorkel coral reefs. Take a train or carriage ride through the Black Forest at dusk and arrive at the Sydney Opera house at dawn. I want to dance down Bourbon Street with a drink in one hand and a mask in the other as many times as possible while I still can before my legs become too unstable to dance. Then, when the time comes, I'll take my time with aged steps down the sidewalks of Bourbon St. reminiscing about the good ‘ol days, sipping on a Hurricane and savoring the jazz at Preservation hall with a smile just barely hanging on as the humid air weighs heavily in tired lungs; where the street names are all familiar even if the faces aren't.

I have a little thing that most of you on here may be familiar with, a term that travel junkies have referred to over the years as "wanderlust", or the inability to stay in one place for too long of a period of time. The dictionary definition, "a strong desire to travel." My definition? The only way to live a content and full life.

Sure, I was born and raised in Massachusetts, grew up in Massachusetts, bought a house in Massachusetts, have roots, friends, a significant other and family in Massachusetts. However, my skin always itches when I spend just a week or a month too long sitting stagnant without going on an adventure. Some like to call it boredom, those of us who have travel ingrained in our souls like to call it wanderlust. Until you truly, and I mean truly have it, you don't understand it.

Those without it think you travel just a bit too often "for your own good". They crack the jokes that you just bought a house so 'I guess you won't be traveling as much, now will you.' What they don't realize is that for you, traveling is the key to your sanity. It’s what makes sense in a world where the 9 to 5 is not just to pay the bills. The $300 purse or the $80 shoes don’t make you happy and keep you content (although the $300 luggage set may!). You buy the small house, and live within your means and live without the designer handbags and shoes because a trip to the Mayan Riviera and the memories that you create there for a long weekend is worth more than a thousand $300 purses will ever be worth.

So I welcome you to share in my travels, my life, and adventures. Whether a trip to a distant land or a trip down memory lane; thank you for stopping by, and welcome to my adventures in never sitting still!

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