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SoFL, Volume 1

sunny 85 °F

I've raced storms to catch the sunset. Flown till 12:30 am to drive four and a half hours the next morning to visit enchanted castles and goblin banks. Been stormed away from a zoo by lightning. Ate the best tacos and drank cucumber margaritas while watching Germany win the World Cup. Burned on white sand beaches and swam in 75 degree Gulf waters.

It has been an eventfully good few days, and I'm loving every minute exploring Central and Southern FL!

The expansion of Harry Potter at Universal was phenomenal. The rides, you can only experience for yourself; I will not share the secret of how to get to platform 9 3/4 on the Hogwarts Express. I turn into a teenage fan when it comes to Harry Potter. Every new corner is another adventure. I can't believe I was able to experience it, (and even some Gilly water and Butterbeer ice cream) first hand on opening weekend. Walking through Diagon Alley truly felt like walking into Harry Potters world. This is the second time I've been to Universal to see the world of Harry Potter, and for that I consider myself very lucky; for there are fans who have never even set foot into Hogsmeade, let alone had the luck of visiting Diagon Alley, and I have been enchanted by it all. The butterbeer ice cream in a waffle cone is my personal recommendation!



We raced a storm last night to the end of Naples to catch a sunset over the Gulf after baking in the sun all day at Lowdermilk Park. Missed the Pier sunset because of the pesky storm but were offered a beautiful sunset tonight before heading down to Key Largo for a few days of snorkeling and exploring.

So, before I procrastinate any longer on packing for our jump to the Keys, I'll leave with some of my favorite pictures from last night and tonight. I hope you enjoy them second hand as much as I did firsthand!


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....oh but we're itching to fly!

71 °F

Two more days.

Two more days and we have a 6:20 pm flight out of Hartford and into Ft. Myers, Florida where we get to spend 10 glorious days with my sister and her husband. Away from work, responsibility, Massachusetts, and with a jam packed itinerary of Floridian fun along with the heat and humidity that go with it! I absolutely cannot wait. I will miss my family and my furries, though.

I'm sitting here on my sofa writing a blog entry and I should be packing. 10 minutes ago, I was walking around my living room with my brandy new teal flippers and swim goggles on. They just came in the mail today and I was very excited! Yes, nagging brain, I should be packing. However, I'd rather blog about my new snorkel set!


I've been waiting for a week and a half for these, though! They are very pretty! The fins are short...I feel like they're very frog like. Although, I guess that is the point. They're worth mentioning since they will be christened on a jump over to Key Largo to go visit my brother in the U.S. Coast Guard and take a snorkeling trip to the John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park to see Christ of the Abyss. I will be borrowing an underwater camera for this trip; more to come!

Procrastination always gets the best of me, especially with packing. I promised myself that I would not procrastinate and I would be packed at least three days before we left this time. Not like NC in May when I was packing until 2 am the night before we left. I even bought new luggage! You'd think that would help. Nope! I am officially the queen of procrastination. I'm actually laughing at myself while I write this because I still need to do laundry in order to be able to pack everything I want to bring. Then I will probably unpack once because I have too many things wedged into my suitcase and realize it's just ridiculous; weed out about 1/3 of it, and repack everything. I'm 32. There's still hope that I'll give up my procrastinating ways, right?

Until next time, here's a picture from this 4th of July. My babe and I spent it, as tradition, at the Millbury fireworks (a day late this year thanks to Hurricane Arthur).


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